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Clinical and Academic Supervision

I have been providing clinical supervision to experienced counsellors and psychotherapists as well as to those in training since 2005. My approach to clinical supervision is integrative so I aim to help practitioners think about themes raised by their clients through a range of theoretical and clinical approaches including:


  • Psychodynamic ideas which consider links between past, present, and future.

  • Humanistic ideas which focus on being in the present and link mind, body and spirit.

  • Cognitive-behavioural techniques which help the client connect links between behaviour and thoughts and make appropriate changes to their daily lives.

  • Existential ideas which explore how we function in the here and now and deal with anxieties about meaning, responsibility and elements of life over which we have no control


In addition to supervising therapists in private practice who see clients with a wide variety of concerns, I have also worked more specifically with:

  • Psychologists and nurse practitioners in the NHS and private health care clinics.

  • School counsellors and teachers in pastoral roles.

  • Clinicians working in eating disorders, substance misuse and prison services.

  • Therapists specialising in bereavement, fertility and LBGT issues.


I offer individual supervision sessions which last for 60 minutes and usually occur two to four times per month depending on the individual’s caseload. I also offer group supervision for up to five supervisees per group and we meet for three hours twice a month. In both cases I start the session with a check-in followed by an in-depth exploration and discussion of client progress, therapeutic themes/dynamics and the impact of client material on the therapist (supervisee).


Where appropriate I may bring in examples from my own practice and refer to other published case material to expand upon a particular clinical dilemma. In addition I can help with information about running a private practice and give advice on ethical/legal concerns regarding child protection and safeguarding issues.


I have also been providing academic supervision to trainee counsellors and psychotherapists since 2010. People tend to come to me for help with big projects such as Master’s dissertations and final case studies although some come throughout training for extra support with all their assignments. I offer:

  • A confidential, non-pressured space for you to explore and clarify ideas for academic work.

  • Help so you can develop a clear outline and structured plan for your assignment and will ensure you have a good understanding of the theoretical and clinical themes and concepts at the core of your work.

  • Suggestions for additional academic source material.

  • Proof-reading and support with editing your project prior to completion.

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